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AR Education specialises in Education advice and is a fast growing education consultants in Australia. AR Education has partnership with over several different quality educational institutions and universities in Australia which allows us providing flexible options to fulfil your needs. We take responsibility for entire application and admission process for our clients, including choosing a course, and documentation they need for their admission processes. Our expert consultants can also apply and obtain credits for students based on their past qualifications and job experience. All you need follow the steps below to have an admission and get a student visa in Australia.

1. Choose a Course You Like

Our ecucation experts can help you research carefully courses, institutions and their locations to choose the best one for your career path. Once you decided the course, we will help you finding out the best education provier that meets meritorious and financial abilities. Finally we will help you considering the campus size, the available facilities offered for international students and part-time job opportuniies.

2. Apply for Admission

To lodge the application, our experts will help you understanding and fulfiling the requirements for the course and institute you choose. If you have any deficiency of the requirements, we will help you to consider a different course or applying for a bridging course or foundation course, which may increase your chances. We will help you contacting the education providers to understand their application requirements.

3. Get an Offer Letter

Once the education provider receives your application it will be assessed. Upon acceptance of the application, you will receive a letter of offer and acceptance form. Before accepting the offer, you should carefully read the letter of offer and check any conditions that may apply. You will need to meet these conditions before the institution issues a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). We will help you to do it.

4. Prepare for Departure

After receiving of an offer letter, it is time to apply for your student visa. Our registered agents (see the Visa & Migration section) will guide you applying for appropriate visa using your offer letter or CoE and proving all other required documents. You must also purchase your plane tickets, organise your Overseas Student Health Cover and arrange your accommodation in Australia. We will help you in all steps so get visa and arive in Australia smoothly.

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Information on scholarships are often available on the university website but an education consultant can provide a variety of scholarship options and eligibility details. At Student Deal, we create scholarships for course applications made through us. We do this because we understand how far financial aid goes for international students and how helpful it can be. The amount may vary depending on the provider and the course.
Make an appointment with our consultant now. Let us help you find a scholarship today.

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Popular Courses

Accounting & Finance

The demand for accountants are always high because business would not be able to maintain the monetary flow transactions or create strategic plans for the future without them. In the last five years, approximately 40,000 international students have entered Australia through the accounting skilled stream. And as per survey, the the job opportunities in the accounting field are expected to rise in coming years. 

Hospitality & Cookery

The hospitality includes managing hotels, guests, finance, sales, human resource, preparing and serving food. Globally, the hospitality industry takes in approximately $3.5 trillion per year. Having an Australian degree in hospitality or cookery will open a wide range of career opportunities not only in Australia but also al over the world. Our counselling services will guide choosing the right option with ease.


It includes civil, mechanical, telecommunications, agriculture, industrial, petroleum, aerospace, electrical and so on. Highest entry level salaries and plenty of employment opportunities in Australia, engineering courses attracts thousands of international student every year. According to your maitres, experience and finance you can choose from a wide verity of engineering courses provided by a number of universities.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) always encompasses several jobs regardless of economic crisis in Australia. IT including database programming, information systems or computing, mobile computing, network engineering, software development, artificial intelligence and telecommunications. IT is one of the most demanding industries in Australia and dominated by immigrants who came here first as an international students.


Australian Government announced that nurses, dieticians, midwives and physiotherapists are particularly high in demand in the areas of community care and maternity services in Australia. Since the demand is predicted to increase every year, registered nurses and other sectors in this occupation are going to be listed consistently in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL).

Builidng & Construction

To synchronise with rapid population growth in Australia, the career of in building & construction become very popular in last decades. A wide range of courses from a number of educational institutes can meet you choice. Our consultants will offer you complete guidance and career counselling so that you do not drain your quality time, money and energy in finding options for your career and Permanent Residency in Australia.

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